Kazakhstan - Charyn Canyon

Each country has its own natural wonders. There are many of them in Kazakhstan. One of the most famous and beautiful natural attractions is the Charyn Canyon, located on the spurs of the Tien Shan, near the border with China.

Just 180 km from the southern capital, the beautiful  Almaty,  the seemingly endless road makes a sharp turn and you are right on the edge of the 200-meter abyss. There, as if from nowhere there is a fantastic "city",  which 12 million years ago a tramp- Wind "built"  in the river carved canyon. The height of the sheer mountains of the canyon reaches 150-300 m.

Canyon Charyn (Charyn Canyon) is sometimes called the "younger brother" of Grand Canyon. But the "younger" it can only be called because of the size (the Grand Canyon in the Colorado US shatra is much larger)

No description of the Charyn canyon, not even the most high-quality photo, conveys the amazing picture that appears before the eyes of travelers who come every year to admire its incredible "architecture."

The most interesting place for tourists is the so-called Valley of Castles, whose length is about 2 km, width - 20-80 m.

The Charyn  Canyon is sometimes called the "younger brother"  of the Grand Canyon. But the "younger" it can be called only because of the size (the Grand Canyon in the US Colorado State  is much larger)

The best time to visit the Charyn canyon is Spring (late March - May) and Autumn, when it is not very hot (in summer the temperature reaches +36), but if you are not afraid of the heat  you can go on an excursion in  Summer as well.

Go down into the gorge only on off-road vehicles. If you come by an ordinary car, it's better to go down on foot.

After walking, you can enjoy rest with a delicious lunch on the banks of the Charyn River.