How to save money?

How to save money?

The nature of people is such that people always try to find something cheaper and better =)

But not always we can…

So we decided to share some tips on how to save your money while traveling to ”STAN” countries.


7 tips for Central Asian travelers:

1) the tip may seem very banal for many travelers, but before you go to one of the countries of Central Asia: carefully read the rules of entry and stay. For example, many European countries do not need an invitation from a travel Agency, and therefore you do not need to purchase a tourist package or pay separately for visa support services.

2) it Is always cheaper to travel in a group, as many hotels provide special prices for groups, and the cost of the guide and transport will be divided by the number of people, so the more people go on tour – the cheaper the tour will be. And of course it's always safer to travel in a group than alone.

3) If you want a cheap tour and do not travel with a group, then it is best to eat in small local cafes far from the city center, especially in those where there is no menu and signs in English – there prices will be much cheaper than in tourist areas, and you can explain with the waiters always through Google translate=) Also always choose a restaurant where a lot of people-it means that there is very tasty cook.

4) If you do not want to book a private transfer, you can always use alternative methods. In STAN countries, there are smartphone applications that allow you to get information about public transport or taxis. For example, in Uzbekistan there are applications MyBus Tashkent and TashBus, with which you can track any bus in Tashkent, in Bishkek, there are similar applications inobi and, and Infobus Mobile in Kazakhstan.Also in STAN countries there are applications that help to book a taxi: (Uzbekistan), (Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan), inDriver (Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan), Uber (Kazakhstan), etc. But with a quick, convenient and beneficial mode of transport is of course – metro. There is a subway in Tashkent (Uzbekistan) and Almaty (Kyrgyzstan).

5) you can always book a hotel through the well-known online booking system, but in Stan countries cheaper to book a hotel through a tour operator, as the tour operator always prices are more affordable than online services. In addition, it will be safer.

6) Many of the attractions you can visit for free, if you do not go inside and you just take a picture on their background.

7) Souvenirs are best bought at the bazaars, not in tourist places. At the market you can always bargain and buy at a bargain price.


We hope that these tips will help you to save some money in your journey. If you want to get more information, you can always write us a private message on Facebook or write us an e-mail. We are very friendly and always happy to help absolutely free advice =)

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