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8 day tour in Kyrgyzstan

We invite you to a classic tour of Kyrgyzstan, during which you will visit the most famous and beautiful places of Kyrgyzstan

Classic tour in Turkmenistan

This tour is intended for tourists who are on tour in Uzbekistan - will want to visit Turkmenistan


Fan Mountains – a popular tourism and mountain climbing area in Tajikistan. There are about 100 passes in height from 3200 to 5060 m (Mirali).

World Nomad Games in Kyrgyzstan

This year we are expecting for 3rd World Nomad Games, which are devoted to international sports competitions in ethnic sports. The competition was based on the folk games of the historically nomadic peoples of Central Asia.

Muslim Tour (Uzbekistan)

<p><em>For centuries the land of Uzbekistan has been the center of Islamic art, culture and science.Discover religious and architectural buldings and&nbsp;&nbsp;holy sights.&nbsp;Immerse yourselves in the deep history of this region.</em></p>

Heritage, Nature & Adventure Tour around Uzbekistan

For those who are interested in ancient Great Silk Road, for sure, you are highly recommended to visit three pearls of Uzbekistan – Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva. There you can go back to ancient times, observe and experience diverse culture, traditions and values of Uzbek people, and discover and explore fascinating historical sites. And, beyond any doubt, Uzbek cuisines and bazaars are worth attention.


Paradisiacal Chimgan (Uzbekistan)

Grand Stan Tours offers mountain tours to Chimgan and Charvak. Chimgan Mountains and Charvak mountain reservoir are favorite places of the locals and guests of Tashkent for suburban leisure time.

Uzbekistan and Tajikistan - the mix of history and adventure

During the tour you will visit the main attractions of the two countries: Tajikistan and Uzbekistan

Travel to the Pamirs – 'the roof of the world'

Explore the treasures of Tajikistan hidden beyond the Pamirs.Enjoy the strking beauty of valleys and gorges.Discover local culture and traditions andTtaste the local food. 

Tajikistan – the ancient center of trade and craft

Discover one of the pearls of Central Asia - amazing Tajikistan

Life impressions of the Aral Sea (Uzbekistan)

The Aral Sea is  once a large saltwater lake in Central Asia occupying the northwest end of Uzbekistan and a part of southeast Kazakhstan.


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