One-day tour to the Altyn-Emel national park (Kazakhstan)

We invite you to plunge into the unique magic of this beautiful park, where you can not only hear the voice of the desert, but also enjoy the magnificent nature of Southern Kazakhstan!

Excursion from Samarkand to Penjekent (Tajikistan)

If you are on a trip to Uzbekistan, then we can offer you a one-day tour from Samarkand to the neighboring country - Tajikistan

Excursion in Dushanbe (Tajikistan)

We invite you to visit the most famous sights of Dushanbe - the capital of Tajikistan

Excursion from Bishkek to Ala Archa gorge (Kyrgyzstan)

35 km from Bishkek there is one the most visited national parks of Kyrgyzstan – Ala-Archa. There, in the territory of 20,000 ha, a variety of coniferous woods and spruce forest intersticed with rivers and mountain scene appeal to the eye of the travelers.

Three colors of time (a thematic excursion in Tashkent) (Uzbekistan)

The excursion is dedicated to three time layers in the history of Tashkent, with the example of the central part of the city and its main architectural sights. The starting point is Urda, the restaurant "Anchor", the end point is the st. Sayilgoh, restaurant "Zerafshan".

Broadway and surroundings (exclusive excursion in Tashkent)

The excursion is devoted to the history of Sailigokh Street and the nearby territory, as an example of a retrospective of the architecture of Tashkent in the middle of the XIX century - the beginning of the XXI century. You will learn about the cultural phenomenon of the Tashkent "Broadway" and the adjacent central districts of the city. The starting point is the fountains at the corner of Buyuk Turon and Sayilgoh streets. The final point is the square of Amir Temur.

TWO CASTLES (exclusive excursion in Tashkent) (Uzbekistan)

The excursion is devoted to the history of the emergence and formation of the "new", European Tashkent on the left bank of Ankhor on the example of the architectural and landscape complex Sq. Mustakillik. The tour begins on the bridge on Urda and ends at the Republican Puppet Theater.

Walking tour in Bukhara (Uzbekistan)

Bukhara is a city where you feel like in a fairy tale ... It seems that now Khoja Nasreddin will look out from around the corner, smile and tell an unprecedented story from his life, and then disappear as quickly as he appeared ... And when you are walking along the summer palace of Emir - there will be a feeling that among the peacocks there will suddenly appear Scheherazade and will tell amazing stories ...

Excursion in Samarkand (Uzbekistan)

If you want to not only make beautiful photos in the background of the sights of Samarkand, but also learn their history, then we invite you to an excursion around Samarkand!

Excursion in Karshi (Uzbekistan)

Travel agency "GRAND STAN TOURS" invites you to a rare tour of Karshi. Unfortunately, many travelers prefer mainly to such cities as Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva and forget about such a beautiful ancient city as Karshi.


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