Excursion in Dushanbe (Tajikistan)


Route: Dushanbe – Gizar – Dushanbe 30+30km

Season: 2018-2019

Duration: 1 day

10:00 Sightseeing the Dushanbe city: Dushanbe is the capital and largest city of Tajikistan. Dushanbe means "Monday" in Tajik (Persian language), and the name reflects the fact that the city grew on the site of a village that originally was a popular Monday marketplace. Situated at the confluence of two rivers, Varzob and Kofarnihon.


  • Tajikistan Navruz palace  
  • Museum of ethnography – professional showcase of 20th centure Tajik art. The collection includes pottery, carpets, cloaks, embroidery, jeweler, musical instruments, woodwork and more.  Sleeping Budda.
  • Botanic garden

Lunch in local restoran.  

  • Hissar fortress 30km outside of city – the remains of an 18th century fortress, occupied until 1924 is located in 30 km west of Dushanbe. Beside the fortress are two plain madrassahs, one dating from the 18th century and the other 19th, and beyond them is the mausoleum of 16th century (25km). Drive to Dushanbe.
  • Monument Somoni, park Rudaki, president palace, national library

The price of tour:

For group of 2 pax 135 USD per person

For group of 5 pax 76 USD per person

For group of 10 pax 64 USD per person


The price includes:

  • meals - lunch
  • transport 
  • guide 
  • transfers
  • entry fees 

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