Excursion in Karshi (Uzbekistan)


Travel agency "GRAND STAN TOURS" invites you to a rare tour of Karshi. Unfortunately, many travelers prefer mainly to such cities as Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva and forget about such a beautiful ancient city as Karshi.

In 2006, Karshi celebrated its 2,700th anniversary and is the same age as the famous city of Shakhrisabz. Karshi is famous for such ancient sights as the ancient settlement "Erkurgan" (the ruins of the ancient city of Nakhshaba), the Madras Madina of Odin (XVI century), the mosque of Kuk Gumbaz (XVI), Bekmir (XVI), Kilichboy, Khoja Qurban, Magzon and Charmgar (XIX- XX), a brick bridge across Kashkadarya (XVI), Sardoba (XVI). Now Karshi is a modern city, in which one of the best football clubs of Central Asia - Nasaf is also located.



Season: 2018-2019

Duration: 1 day

The price of excursion:

Price per person for individual tourists (for 1 pax): 55$ 

Price per person for individual tourists (for 2 pax): 40$ 

Price per person for groups (from 3 pax to 5 pax): 35$

Price per person for groups (from 6 pax to 10 pax): on the request

The price includes entrance tickets to the specified sights and services of the guide

You can book an excursion any day by e-mail: market.grandstantours@gmail.com

Also on weekdays you can call +99871 240 66 88.

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