Lyabi Hauz in Bukhara

Lyabi Hauz is an architectural ensemble, created in the 16th-17th century, consisting of the Kukeldash Madrassah, the Nodira Divan Begi Madrassah and Khanaka, grouped around the Nadir-Begi reservoir.

On the shore of the reservoir you will see a monument to the famous folklore character - Khoja Nasreddin. It is worth noting that in the 20th century the reservoir was drained due to the fight with cholera and there was a volleyball court.

How to get to Luabi Hauz in Bukhara?

Minibuses: 268, 278

Nearby hotels: Asia Bukhara, Lyabi House, Kukeldash, Amelia, New Moon, Fatima, Sultan, Devon Begi and restaurants: Old Bukhara, Saroy, Badreddin, Lyabi Khauz.

The cost of visiting the ensemble is included in a single ticket for the old city, but you need to buy additional tickets to visit the madrasah and the khanaka. The ensemble is open until late evening, but visits to madrassahs and khanaks only until 18.00

The Nodira Divan Begi Madrassa hosts a dance folklore show every day, which you can visit for an additional fee. The show is held from 18.00-19.00 and from 19.00 - 20.00

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