Madrasah of Nadir Divan Begi in Bukhara

Madrasah of Nadir Divan Begi in Bukhara was built in 1622-1623 by vizier Nadir Devan-begi, who wanted to build in Bukhara a building in beauty similar to the Sherdor madrasah, which is in Registan Square in Samarkand. There is a legend that initially the vizier decided to build a caravanserai (hotel), but during the opening Imankuli Khan named this building  madrasah, and the vizier decided not to fix the khan, so instead of the caravan-shed, the building became a madrasah.

Paid entrance. The Nodira Divan Begi Madrassa hosts a dance folklore show every day, which you can visit for an additional fee. The show is held from 18.00-19.00 and from 19.00 - 20.00

How to get to Madrasah of Nadir Divan Begi in Bukhara?

Minibuses: 268, 278

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