Where to go

The Romanovs' Palace (the palace of Nikolai Konstantinov) in Tashkent

A two-story palace built in 1891 by the architects Heinzelman and Benois for the Grand Duke Nikolai Romanov, who was exiled to Uzbekistan.

Registan Square in Samarkand

The central ancient square of Samarkand, on the territory of which there are ancient madrasahs of the 15th and 17th centuries. Registan is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. 

Independence Square in Tashkent

The main square of Tashkent, was laid in 1865 and was then called "Cathedral Square", then changed its name many times and in 1992 it was finally renamed Independence Square.

Museum of History of Uzbekistan in Tashkent

One of the oldest museums in Central Asia. It is located in Tashkent. Originally called the "National Museum of Turkestan"


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