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Cathedral of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Tashkent

Cathedral of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is the construction of the Catholic church was started in 1912, at the initiative of the priest Justin Bonaventura Pranaitis on the project of the famous Polish architect Ludvik Panchakevich.

Mausoleum of Chashma Ayub in Bukhara

Mausoleum of Chashma Ayub was built in the 14th century and includes a mausoleum and a sacred spring, at the moment there is also the Museum of Water.

Ulugbek Observatory in Samarkand

Ulugbek Observatory is one of the most famous observatories of the Middle Ages, was built by the famous scientist Ulugbek (grandson of Tamerlane) in 1424-1428.

The square of Amir Timur in Tashkent

The square of Amir Timur was laid in 1882 by architect Nikolai Ulyanov and was called "Konstantinov Square". Earlier in the park was the grave of the Governor-General of the Turkestan Territory - Konstantin Kaufman, who died in Tashkent in 1882.

Mausoleum of the Samanids in Bukhara

Mausoleum of the Samanids was built in the 9th Century and is the burial place of Ismail Samani

Bibihanum Mosque in Samarkand

Bibi Khanum Mosque  was built in 1399 - 1404 by order of Tamerlane after his victorious campaign to India, was restored from the ruins in the late 20th century.

The Alisher Navoi Theater in Tashkent

The Alisher Navoi Theater - the opera and ballet theater, was founded on June 11, 1939. Built according to the project of architect Alexei Shchusev, who is also the architect of the mausoleum on Red Square in Moscow.

Ichan Kala in Khiva

A historical city-museum under the open sky, became the first monument of the World Heritage in Central Asia.

Poi Kalyan ensemble in Bukhara

The Poi Kalyan square is the central ancient square of Bukhara, consisting of Kalyan minaret (12th century), Kalyan mosque (12th century) and Miri Arab madrassah (16th century), construction started by the order of Arslan Khan in the 12th century. 

Gur-e-Amir in Samarkand

The tomb of Amir Timur (Gur-e-Amir) was built in 1404 and is the tomb of Tamerlan and his family members. Initially, the complex was built for the education of children and was to become the center of Islamic education.


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